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    Let me spell it out for you how easy this really is:

    It's a simple premise. You b
uy something to sell, something that people want. You rent a space
   in a busy flea market and set your merchandise on your tables. You sell it for more than it cost
   you and make a healthy profit. People buy it and they pay you in cash.

    How complicated is that? It's not. Let's say you buy an item for two dollars. Sell it for three dollars
   and you made a
profit of one dollar. Easy math.

    Can you live on one dollar?  No.

    But what if you made 100 to 200 sales in one six-hour day
   (which is easy
to do at a busy flea market)? Quite often  
   people will buy five or six different items at one time and you    will double and even triple your profit on each of those

    Can you live on $500-$1,000 a week?  

Hi. My name is Allen Farlow and I make money at flea markets. I've personally made more than $100,000 in cash at flea markets and swap meets across the United States.

Starting your own flea market business is easy and very affordable, and you can  
   still work at your regular job during the week.


   But I must warn you! Once you begin selling at flea markets and
see just how easy it is to make
such large amounts of money,
you may begin to hate going to work five days a week!

   The easiest way to create additional income is by starting your own business - selling at flea
   markets and swap meets on weekends.

   Most businesses are complicated and require thousands of dollars of investment before you make
   your first dollar.
Not this one!

You don't need thousands of dollars before you can make
(although the more money you have to begin with, the faster you'll be able to make the 'big' money) and you can be
open for business and making
money in about two weeks, not months or years!

I started my flea market business with just $200 because that's
all I
could afford at the time. I was actually open for business in less than two weeks. I put my profits back into my new business by buying more and more merchandise each week and in only a
   few short months, I had my first $800

   That's right, I made $800 in one day! Woo-Hoo!!!

   And since then there have been many days when I have made more than that.

   Is there a secret to it? Yes, there is, there are a few, but they are easy to learn and implement;
   honestly, they are so easy a ten year
old could do it, I am not kidding.

   But it's what makes the difference between making a 'little' money and making a LOT of money.
   Anyone can make a little money at the flea market.

   But I like making a LOT of money and I'll show you exactly how to do it!

 'Allen Farlow's 'Insider Secrets' of Selling at Flea 
 Markets' is a digital download that will take you 
 step by step from the very beginning and show
 you exactly what to do to begin making easy
 money at flea markets...starting with the very
 first day you open for business.


  This isn't some wimpy report. It is a 113-page ten-lesson
 e-course (you'll receive
all ten lessons at the same time) and
 you will be
tested after the lesson, so you actually learn it, not 
 just read through it!

    You'll learn:

How to locate flea markets and swap meets no matter where you live. There may be a flea
         market nearby that you never knew was

       How to choose the right type of merchandise to sell. This will be a key to your success.

How to make money by reading the newspaper! I made almost $200 in one day simply
         because I knew what to look for and how to take
advantage of it. Anyone can do this!

      How to gain access to brand new merchandise at low wholesale prices. In some cases this is
         the same as you've seen at Wal Mart
and Target. This is information that is never made
         available to the
general public. I will give you insider access!

      How to get your merchandise shipped to you via UPS even if you don't have a street address.
         This is great for anyone who wants to
travel and make cash on the road selling at flea

      How to determine your true expenses, so you can determine your true profits.

      Specific and important ways to set up your new business to make the most profit. This is
          where most people fail.

      How to make your business so visually appealing shoppers can't help but come in and buy
         something. They won't be able to walk by
without stopping.

    And much, much more!

      No empty promises, no hair-brained schemes, it is chock full of clearly-explained methods that
    have been
tested and proven to work, methods that will put a lot of cash in your pockets
    beginning the very
first day you set up!

After reading your course twice (wifey is reading it now) I'd have to say it's chalk full of simple easy to implement must have information. My wife is already preparing to enter the Flea, Swap Meet business and she found some fantastic tips from you that are already making a difference in her eBay biz. 4 stars, 10 out of 10, Top Notch over delivered product. Thanks."

Paul Maybry

This is a TERRIFIC course. I sold at the Swap Meet in Phoenix, AZ for five full years and this report tells you EVERYTHING you need to make it big. Allen has a knack of making it easy to read and yet full of information. His down to earth style is a welcome relief from some other reports. I give this FOUR STARS out of FOUR STARS.

Bob Downs
Mesa AZ.

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Hey Allen,

Just wanted to say Thanks for your "How to sell at flea markets course". In a little more than one week after taking your course, we had decided on a product, spent only a few hundred dollars and was up and running. Any other business would have cost us thousands in startup capital and months to get the door open. We have now expanded to multiple booths and are making thousands of dollars each month. Our weekdays are free to do the things we enjoy, like working in our garden, visiting family and friends and going on vacations.

Thanks again!

Rose Mosley
Tupelo, Mississippi


   I am an ethical person. I will not steer you wrong, but I can't guarantee that you will do as well
   as those above have done. I honestly cannot say
how well you will do because I don't know your
   background, your skills,
your education or training.

   But I know that if you follow what you will learn in my ten-lesson course, you WILL make money.
   And as you get better at it, you'll make even more.

    Flea Markets are a great way to make a lot of money...

jester   ...And flea markets are fun!

   You just never know what you will find at a flea market from one week to
   the next.
It might be an antique clock just like the one your grandmother
   used to have. It might be fresh, tasty melons, straight off the farm. It might
   be a silly hat...you might even find your ex-wife's wedding gown!

Rimshot by JustJoking.com

  But make no mistake about it, flea markets are serious business when it comes to making money.

   More than one million dollars in cash changed hands at flea markets
last weekend - in the State of Texas alone!

   Millions of people make money at flea markets every weekend in the United States (there are flea
   markets in almost every country in the world) and they wouldn't keep doing it if they weren't
   making money, would they?

   Hands down, this is tested and proven and it works!

   And it's guaranteed, of course:

My 65-Day Rock-Solid, No Bull,
No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee

  If within the first 65 days after you receive it you are not
  satisfied with 'Allen Farlow's 'Insider Secrets' of Selling at
  Flea Markets', I will give you every single penny of your
  money back.

  My name is Allen Farlow. I created it and my name is on it. I
  know what's in it and what it will do for you. I've used it 
proved that it works! I know that it will work for you.

  Use it for sixty-five days, put it to the test.

  If you still don't like it, just email me and let me know and
  I'll give you your money back.
  You have my word on it, and my word is good.


   There is nothing complicated about this business. It's very simple: Buy brand new merchandise
   at super-low wholesale prices and sell it for
more than your cost. That's how you make a profit.

    Find something that works and do it again and again.

   That's the simple secret behind the huge success of companies such as Wal Mart and McDonalds.
   Find something that works and just do it again and
again and again! Focus on what works and
   keep doing it over and over!

    It's easy to double your money in the flea market business!

Buying at wholesale, your costs are so incredibly low you can mark your items at twice what you
   paid for them and shoppers will still see it as a
great bargain. They're happy, you're happy,
   everybody's happy!

   In many cases you can sell an item for three, four and even five times your cost. Imagine buying
   an item for only $1 and selling it for $3, $4 or even
$5, and doing that 50-100 times or more each
(I know it works because I do it every weekend!)

   Imagine buying an item for $10 and selling it for $30, $40, even $50 and doing that ten, twenty,
   even thirty or more times in one day!
(I've done that, too!)

    I know you are ready to get started...

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Bonus #1: 'COUNTERFEIT! The Training Manual', 29 pg. (a $17.97 value.)

Crooks will always try to pull a fast one on you, especially when it involves your money.

Operating an all-cash business means you MUST know how to tell if a bill is real or counterfeit.

Counterfeiters love flea markets because the vast majority of sellers don't have a clue how to tell the difference. They blindly accept whatever money is offered, only to discover much later that they got ripped off.

Don't think you can rely upon one of those counterfeit detector pens. Most of them don't work! If you have one, have you tested it? Mark
   on a piece of ordinary newspaper and see if it tells you if it is real or not... 

   The U.S.Secret Service even admits it's an ever-growing problem. Instances of counterfeit money
   being detected increased in 2009 a whopping 64% over 2008.)

   Don't become a victim. This in-depth, 29-page training manual (instant digital download) will teach
   you what you need to know to spot a counterfeit bill with little more than a glance, in about five

   I already know how to tell the difference. The crooks can't fool me, and once you know what I
   know, they won't be able to fool you, either!

Bonus #2: 'The Top 250 Wholesale Sources Guide', 64 pg. (a $29.95 value.)

No matter where you sell, at flea markets, on eBay, through your own website, if you expect to make a good profit you MUST know where to buy your merchandise at the lowest possible price, and this guide will reveal those sources, two hundred and fifty of the best U.S. wholesale and import companies!

It is because of these companies that I have been so successful. I
could never have done it without them and neither will you.

This is the information everyone searches for but few ever find. Stop    sitting at your computer doing Google searches for endless hours only
come up empty-handed and disappointed.

   This 61-page guide (instant digital download) will take you step by step through everything,
exactly how to do it to get set up with these companies. (They won't sell to just
   anyone and they
never reveal their wholesale pricing to the public!)

   You'll get the real company names, phone numbers and website addresses of the top 250 U.S.
   wholesale and import companies, as
well as an idea of the type of merchandise they sell. Ordering
is as easy as picking up the phone, and you may set up your account and begin
   ordering the very same day you download this extremely valuable

Bonus #3: 'The Advanced Lessons 11 - 14', 23 pg.  (a $29.00 value.)

Learn how to blast your business to the next level, the 6-figure level!

That's right, you will learn how to earn $100,000 a year just working on weekends. (Like the idea of getting paid in cash? You're going to really love this!)

In this instant digital download, you'll discover how to find the help
you'll need, how to safely manage so much cash ($100,000 a year is an average of $8,400 per week) and how to put your business on the fast track, regardless of your credit.

   Yes! You will not only learn how to start your own successful flea market business, you'll also learn:

     How to get the merchandise you need at super-low
lesale prices,

     How to protect yourself from being conned with fake
          cash, and

     How to EXPLODE your new business into the BIG
           TIME and earn $100,000 a year and more.

It's a complete business.

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